Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art, Michigan State University, June 1989.

Strong Coffee, Chicago, Illinois, various issues, 1994-1997.



The Other Art Fair, Chicago, IL, September 28-30, 2018


Art of Futbol, Benefit Night for Chicago Fire Foundation, Chicago, IL, May 6, 2015


Rococo & Taupe showroom, Menlo Park, CA, Ongoing


Design San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, February - May, 2012


Out of Focus, Chicago Art Source, Chicago, IL, November 10-December 31, 2008


Resident/Non-Resident, Chicago Art Source, Chicago, IL, September - October 2, 2004


Blackbird Restaurant, Chicago, Illinois, September 24 - October 20, 2003.
Around the Coyote Fall Arts Festival, Chicago, Illinois, September 5-7, 2003.
Function + Art, Chicago, Illinois, August 8-14, 2003.
Solo Show, Urban Studio Gallery, Chicago, Illinois, May 2-27, 2003.
Works on Paper, on Consignment at Thomas Masters Gallery, Chicago, Illinois.
Around the Coyote Winter Arts Festival, Chicago, Illinois, February 9-11, 2003.


Solo show, Chopin Theater lobby and as part of the stage design for the show "Sis3ters", November 3 - December 15, 2002.
Around the Coyote Fall Arts Festival, Chicago, Illinois, September 13 - 15, 2002.
Old Town Art Association/Triangle Gallery Solo Show, Chicago, Illinois, August 3 - 29, 2002.
"Anything Goes", Gallery 212, Ann Arbor, Michigan, March 15 - April 14, 2002.
Around the Coyote Winter Arts Festival, Chicago, Illinois, February 1-3, 2002.


The 25th Annual Alice and Arthur Baer Art Competition and Exhibition, Beverly Art Center, Chicago, Illinois, November 30, 2001 - January 26, 2002.
Chicago Art Open, Chicago, Illinois, October 19-27, 2001.
Around the Coyote Fall Arts Festival, Chicago, Illinois, September 6-9, 2001.
Polish Arts Club Annual Exhibition, Polish Museum of America, Chicago, Illinois, July 8- 27, 2001.
"Outbreak", Gallery 2828, Chicago, Illinois, April 28 - May 20, 2001.
Around the Coyote Winter Festival, Chicago, Illinois, February 2-4, 2001.


Around the Coyote, Chicago, Illinois, September 7-10, 2000.
Inaugural Show, ATC Space, Chicago, Illinois, June, 2000.
"The 8th Show" Group Show, Time-Life Building presented by Arts Vision, Chicago, Illinois, April 13 - June 10, 2000.


"Salute to Chicago Artists V" Group Show, Excaliber, Chicago, Illinois, November 19, 1999 - Februrary 13, 2000.
Around the Coyote, Wicker Park and Bucktown Neighborhoods of Chicago, Illinois, September 9-12, 1999.
"Life Patterns" Group Show, Yello Gallery, Chicago, Illinois, August 17 - September 7, 1999.


"Urban Zcenes" Photography group show, Riverside Arts Center, Riverside, Illinois, January 5- February 1, 1996.


"Exposures" Juried exhibit, Spectrum Care Health Center and Bailiwick Arts Center, Chicago, Illinois, November 29 - December 28, 1995.


"River North Exposed" Juried exhibit, Chicago Anthenaeum Gallery 1, Chicago, Illinois, December 9-18, 1992.


"Celebrate Life" Juried exhibit, Congregational Church of Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, June 18-25, 1989.
Bachelor of Fine Arts solo exhibit, Kresge Student Art Gallery, Michigan State University Campus, April 28-May 3, 1989.


The Art Gallery, Northport, Michigan, August - September, 1988. "Celebrate Life" Juried Exhibit, Congregational Church of Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, June 23-30, 1988.
Jocundry's Bookstore, East Lansing, Michigan, January I 6, - February 15, 1988.
Various student group exhibitions at Kresge Student Art Gallery, Michigan State University Campus, Fall 1986 through Winter 1988.



Quarles & Brady, Chicago, IL
Park Hyatt Regency, Chicago, IL
The Law Firm of Much Shelist, Chicago, IL


Anonymous (6)
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Baughan, East Lansing, MI
Ms Susan Booth and Mr. Max Levinthal, Atlanta, GA
Ms Zannah Bradley, Chicago, IL
Mr. Jon Brakebill, Madison, WI
Ms Alise L. Brasch, Chicago, IL
Ms Cindy Bromelmeier, Chicago, IL
Ms Elizabeth Buckley, New York, NY
Mr. Jeff Buysse, Chicago, IL
Mr. Craig Columbus, Phoenix, AZ
Mr. Curt Columbus, Pawtucket, RI
Mrs. Linda Columbus, New Castle, PA
Ms Deborah Daliege, Chicago, IL
Mr. J. B. Daniel, Chicago, IL
Mr. Robert Davidson, Glencoe, IL
Mr. David deCastro, Chicago, IL
Mr. Tom Drake, Chicago, IL
Dr. Philip E. Fidel, Chicago, IL
Ms Gail Foster, Chicago, IL
Ms Lynsey Gemmell, Chicago, IL
Mr. Charlie Georgas, Chicago, IL
Mr. Stuart Graff, Chicago, IL
Mr. Michael Halberstam, Chicago, IL
Handman Associates, Chicago, IL
Mr. and Mrs. Terrell Harris, Chicago, IL
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hayes, Chicago, IL
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Henry, Chicago, IL
Ms Jacqueline Bubes Holicka, Chicago, IL
Mr. Chad Huennekens, Chicago, IL
Mr. and Mrs. John Irving, Naperville, IL
Ms Karen Jacobson, Chicago, IL
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Kaufman, Highland Park, IL
Ms Carol Kazwick, Downers Grove, IL
Mr. Mike Kimmons, Chicago, IL
Mr. David Klinger, Hawaii
Ms Tina R. Landau, New York, NY
Ms Martha Lavey, Chicago, IL
Mr. Michael Lazo, Los Angeles, CA
Mr. John Lee, Chicago, IL
Ms Elizabeth Levy Navarro, Hinsdale, IL
Ms Katherine R. Lieber, Chicago, IL
Mr. Steve Maass, Chicago, IL
Mr. Bryn Magnus and Ms Amy Warren, Brooklyn, NY
Mr. Andrew Mann, Chicago, IL
Ms Corinne Nash, Chicago, IL
Ms Diane Palmer, Chicago, IL
Ms Laura Peknik, Chicago, IL
Mr. G. Jurek Polanski, Chicago, IL
Mr. Keith Quiggins, Mountain View, CA
Mr. Darius Raji, Chicago, IL
Ms Jean de St. Aubin, Chicago, IL
Mr. Martin Sarussi, Phoenix, AZ
Ms Anna Shapiro, Chicago, IL
Mr. Craig M. Simons, Chicago, IL
Mr. Greg Sorrenson
Ms Sharon Sprague, Evanston, IL
Ms Olga Stefan
Ms Victoria Syufy and Family, Chicago, IL
Ms Catherine A. Taylor, Chicago, IL
Ms Marianne Thebus, Chicago, IL
Mr. Jacques E. Verlinden, Chicago, IL
Ms Barb Warren, Chicago, IL
Mr. Raymond Whitacre, Chicago, IL
Mr. David Wolf, Chicago, IL
Ms Anne Zender, Chicago, IL


Chicago Artists' Coalition
Around The Coyote, Vice President of the Board, March 1999 to March 2001


Polish Arts Club Annual Exhibition, Bronze Ribbon, July 2001


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